Slim TRIPLEFLEX Pads 2.0

Size Guide

Only compatible with the Certified Armored Hoodies and Jackets.

Each set contains 2 elbow pads, 2 shoulder pads, and a back protector. These can be inserted in the adjustable pockets inside.

Particularly flat, extremely flexible protectors in SAS-TEC's own TRIPLEFLEX design. Retain their high flexibility even in cold conditions. Comes standard with tear-resistant fabric on the flat backside.

Central Back Protector:

CE-Certified Level 2: Rated: EN 1621-1:2012 by SAS-TEC

The colors are either Yellow or Black depending on the batch.

To insert the shoulder- and elbow pads turn the jacket/hoodie inside out. The pointy part should be pointing down. Although the elbow and shoulder pads can be worn both ways, SAS-TEC recommends using them with the fabric side facing out from the body.