Heavy Duty Level 2 Pads

Size Guide

A set contains 2 Elbow & 2 Shoulder pads and a Back protector. These pads are only compatible with the 2021 Certified Armored Hoodies and Jackets. These can be inserted in the adjustable pockets inside.

These newly developed top protectors have wide coverage. Thanks to their slotted design the EVO-family offers great flexibility and excellent damping performance.

Certified Level CE 2:
Elbow/Shoulders Rated: EN 1621-1:2012

Back protector Rated: EN 1621-2:2014

The colors are either Yellow or Black depending on the batch.

To insert the shoulder- and elbow pads turn the jacket/hoodie inside out. 
The pointy part should always be pointing towards the hands and the round shape downwards like a "bowl".