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2 April 2020

We are currently shipping out worldwide to all countries listed here
Our stock is full of regular Armored Hoodies and Armored Jackets and is ready to be shipped!

Regarding the pre order batches:
The March batches are already produced and just waiting to be shipped from our factory to our warehouse in Sweden. DHL can ship, but we've just learned that our factory cannot ship due to a "local lockdown" to prevent the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) to spread. The lockdown has been decided from 27th of march to the 15th of april, and was decided by the government and is out of our control.
We will continue to update the information as soon as we receive new information.

Pre-Order ETA is the time at which we expect a pre-order product to arrive into our Warehouse in Sweden.

When we've received your product we'll ship it out within the next business day.

ETA for Pre-Orders placed from:

- Black Friday to January 2020 ETA Late March. 

- February 2020: ETA Late April

- March 2020: ETA Late May


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